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If anyone follows me here on Livejournal...it's clear I don't update this journal very often :)

But you can find me on tumblr at foreverbuildingcastles.tumblr.com

I will experiment with Livejournal a bit more and who knows? Maybe I'll start posting stories here soon.


Cleaning house...

Alright, I'm going to try actually keeping up my LJ. I got this account about five years ago now and I've never really been consistent with updating it. Seeing as how fandoms (I'm looking at you Glee!) have dragged me back into using LJ at *least* once a day, I figure I could at least become a bit more of a permanent fixture here.

So hello again, people of Livejournal! I will strive to be interesting--or at least not too obnoxious :)
Ta, for now!


A good end to the week

Yeah, I'll admit that despite the suckiness that started this week, it has ended pretty well. I did finally get my schedule figured out-and got all the classes I wanted-Yay! I got to sleep in 'til twelve today, which just made everything else today better :)
Then I went to a Fullmetal Alchemist Marathon and got to hang out with my boyfriend! It was a good night. And tomorrow I'm going to a protest for the decision on Prop 8 in California! I hope that goes well. It will go well. We are speaking out in favor of love. 'Nuff said.


Holy crap I almost forgot about NaNoWriMo!
I'm really not prepared to do it this year.
...But I am planning out a novel. I'm currently working on a short story with those characters for my writing class this year. Here's a brief plot:

A princess falls in love with her bodyguard.

Sounds incredibly original, no? Lol, well I'm working on it. Wish me luck!


I know it's not New Years yet, but I've got a resolution for the rest of this year.
I'm going to write EVERY DAY. No excuses. Even if it's just a short paragraph. I've been going too long now just saying I'm going to do this. It starts now.
Hopefully livejournal will help with this. I spend most of my time of the internet already so it makes sense to combine the two in one.

That's all for now!
whoot for insomnia! no, i kid--this sucks. I want to go to bed but i feel like i still need to do something...
omg! huge news! My jewelry is finally organized after 6 years! i love plastic organizers! lol, i know, dont i sound absolutly facinating right now? i'll try harder when i'm more awake.
hey Kat, whats happening with adam and his idiodic roommates? are you going to kick some legal ass? i still think you'd be good at it. ooh by the way, if you see me near Barnes n Noble anytime soon-drag my sorry butt away. I have about 10 bucks left in my little bank...it used to be 120. yep... o.o;;;
alright now i'm really going to try and sleep. Jo leaves for D.C. tomorrow and i have to get up early to see her off. she cant say i never make sacrifices for her. i mean 8:00? in the summer? *shudder*
Goodnight and love to everybody!


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